Did i do wrong again ?!

This java script bakes my brain…can smbdy tell me what i did wrong and explain ?

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function reusableFunction() {
console.log("Hi World");

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Challenge: Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions

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You did not call the function, you can call a function like this func() here func is a function name

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As ghulams says when you write
function nameoffunction(){ whatever it does}

you have to call it later


And only the it executes the code.

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wym…i put the () thing

wym i put the (); damn it rly bakes my brain , explain for the dummest guy alive plox

first code is what i did secound code is what i pasted from the video tutorial …

nvm im stoopid :zipper_mouth_face: :zipper_mouth_face: :crazy_face:

You’re not stupid, you’re just learning to code. It only makes us feel stupid.

believe me, when code all of us feels stupid, its normal, look at the exercise, you already have done the first step. When put

function reusableFunction(){
console.log("Hi World")

With that you have a function that made something, but the function does not start until you write:


This is what made functions useful, you have the code with specifies what the function does. But now if you want to tipe 5 times hello world all that haves to do is:


And the function will execute five times

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