Did someone got a job in Germany through FCC?



i just wanted to ask, if someone was able to get a job in germany? Most threads are based on the USA, i noticed. I am just asking, this i have noticed, that german companies do favorise especially people with degrees compared to other countries.


I did a search in Getting a Developer Job for “Germany” and then “Europe”… many campers are actually not from the USA… do some searches for other European countries you may find more info too


I got the job through fcc in germany.
That first post i created almost year ago. I got the job in Essen this month. It was my third interview.


Hey, congratulations! Seems like we’re in a similar situation, except I started half a year later. I have some questions, if you don’t mind. Would be great to have some info out here for campers in Germany:

  • how far into FCC did you get?
  • was fluent German a requirement/factor for getting the job?
  • which stack do you use on the job?
  • how’s the job going?


thanks, ask whatever you want…

  • i am still working on FCC (intermediate algorithms)
  • i have B1 German, job only required fluent english

i got job last week, i am starting on 21. August so i can’t answer other things


Interesting, thanks! I thought junior level jobs might be harder to get without great German skills (a lot of Berlin companies on Linkedin seem to look for at least very good React/Angular skills), but that may not be the case. Where did you look for job offers?


HI ! I’m an expat living in Germany as well. I got a front end dev job offer last month and I will start to work soon.

how far into FCC did you get?

  • I’m doing React Project now.

was fluent German a requirement/factor for getting the job?

  • No. only English.

I thing Germany is one of countries where welcome skilled worker from outside. While I was job hunting, I saw a lot of job posts which only require English skill.

Good luck!


Thank you! Seems like I really waited too long to start my job search. Berlin jobs, here I come :smiley: ! Did you use Linkedin for the job hunt, or anything else?


I used Linkedin, Indeed and StartupJob Berlin ! :smiley: