Did sub-sections on the Wiki just break?

So I just noticed that the forum Wiki no longer has a sub-section for any of the algorithms, and I’m 90% sure that just a few days ago it did.

I also noticed that the “activity” for many Wiki entries (mainly Challenges) was updated within the last 3 hours, but the “Challenges” sub-section is completely empty and the infinite scrolling on the main page isn’t really conducive to finding relevant information.

Is there any official info on this? I didn’t see anything in the Meta category or News. :frowning:

It’s GONE … they claimed yesterday or Friday when I was having issues that nothing was wrong, no changes blah blah blah …

get ready for a barrage of posts from the Mods denying any issues …

These subsections? Or is there a specific section that recently changed?

Yup! Those are the ones. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information! I hope that the wiki is re-organized into something more usable soon, it looks like someone is still making site-level changes, since the “Challenges” sub-section is now completely gone. :slight_smile: