Did we get rid of searching for topic by tag?

I remember for my first round of beginner projects being able to search by the tag “tribute page” or “portfolio”. Now that I’m working on my quote machine, I can’t seem to search for other people’s posts on the same topic. specifically in the project feedback section. Was this intentional or am I missing something?


I actually hadnt ever noticed the tag feature before so I dont know if its gone… Im so used to using a search box. But something you can do is head to Project Feedback, in search type “Quote Machine” and make sure the Project Feedback Category box is checked.

Here are the results I got from that search. Hope it helps… https://forum.freecodecamp.org/search?q=quote%20machine%20category%3A409

I don’t remember ever seeing that feature either, but there are the very large “Let’s Discuss Your %s” topics (e.g. Let’s discuss your “Random Quote Machine”). Is that the kind of thing you’re looking for?

Yes, it’s been turned off.