Did you keep moving forward ? (Survey Form to Box Model)

I’m not so happy with the outcome of my survey form for the certification project.

Out of curiosity, if you were in my position, did you continue on with the next module (CSS Box Model)? Or did you “stay behind” and tried to “fix”/make the Survey Form “better”?

I’m a bit conflicted on what to do. Do I keep going, with the hope that I’ll start “getting it” as I learn more ? Or do I stay behind and try to understand my own shortcomings with the survey form project…

If you are not happy with the outcome of the survey form.
Put the Codepen survey form link here and the community will help you to improve your skills and guide you.

You are facing the issue that every beginner faces.
it’s normal.

I would work on it till you are happy with it. Doesn’t have to be spectacular. You just have to be proud of your own effort.

It is enough if you are able to pass the core parts, which means you understand the basic concepts. Beautifying it is cool but it is not something you should be worried about for now.

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