Diff Two Arrays, method recommend is confused

Diff Two Arrays, method recommend is confused
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Hi, I am a little confused by the method recommended .slice() because I can’t figure how to use in the challenge(Diff Two Arrays), I found the solution in the forum and for my surprise, the solution not have it, instead have the method .includes(), I guess shall changed in the list of recommend method, or I wish know if someone resolved it with the method .slice(). Thanks!!!


The more important question is, have you tried to solve the challenge on your on using whatever methods you want? That list is are suggestions and not something you have to use to solve the challenge.


Thank for reply my post, of course, I continue trying, I mean that viewed the solution only searching for the method .splice(), because I found it interesting used the method for resolve the problem, and I understand that the suggestions are guides, thanks for the advise, only wished I know if the method was more interesting in this challenge.