Diff Two Arrays not passing test

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I know my code is messy but it answers the questio, however I am unable to pass the task.

Even after changing the array to:
["diorite", "andesite", "grass", "dirt", "pink wool", "dead shrub"], ["diorite", "andesite", "grass", "dirt", "dead shrub"] .

And returning the correct array, I still can’t pass this and other certain arrays.

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function diffArray(arr1, arr2) {
  let newArr = []
 newArr.push(arr2.filter(num => arr1.includes(num) ==   false)); 
 newArr.push(arr1.filter(num => arr2.includes(num) ==   false)); 
 let filtered = newArr.filter(function (el) {
  return el != 0;
 return filtered;

diffArray(["diorite", "andesite", "grass", "dirt", "pink wool", "dead shrub"], ["diorite", "andesite", "grass", "dirt", "dead shrub"]);

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Maybe you should try reading freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Diff Two Arrays for help :3