Diffculties with programming, should I stop trying?

I am not the smartest in my class and have some concentration issues and overthink stuff and compare myself to others a lot haha. I am new to coding although I do it at school am not that good at it. What bothers me is that I have a lot of difficulties going forward. I mostly don’t know where to start, where to look, or even what to search for when doing some assignments. Sometimes I don’t understand the logic behind the exercises I do and stare at it for a while. It takes me more than 6/7 hours sometimes to finish a small-medium sized assignment. That demotivates me a lot and causes me to miss my deadlines. As I said, I do a lot of research and try my best to understand it or look up how I want to solve the problem. Sometimes after hours I still can solve the problem, but here comes my brain with the negative thinking about how others finish it in fewer hours and that it takes me too long. I start to think that I am too dumb for programming and get demotivated to try, this causes me to lose interest and gives me the thought to give up. But I came so far with my study and don’t see anything else I would like to do. Even if it is difficult I want to try it and like it again even if it scares me to think about how I should or can go forward. When I don’t get what I should do and nothing works out, it gets worse. It feels like no matter how hard I try I progress too slow and don’t learn anything. I don’t really know what to tell myself anymore and start to think I am not suited for it, so I wanted to ask if someone experienced similar stuff and know how to deal with it or have some ideas/tips. Do you guys think I am not suited or smart enough to do programming and should I just stop trying?

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There is no special “it factor” for learning to program. You don’t need to be smarter than everyone else or be gifted or anything. Some people will pick up certain aspects faster than others based on their previous experience and interests, but anyone can learn to program (barring some cognitive disabilities).

It’s not about intelligence. It’s about interest. Learning to program is extremely frustrating. Being a professional programmer means getting paid to be frustrated most of the time. This is hard. The questions to ask yourself as you consider your options include “Am I driven to continue, even when it sucks?”, “Do I get satisfaction out of the process?”, “After solving a problem, does it feel like it was worth the time and effort I spent?”

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Hi there @Guli58! welcome to the forum and FCC!

Long things short- programming= difficulties, BUT…

Things like this happening all the time, I believe to everybody, like it was said above me, from the beginner level to the GodMode level programmers. Indeed, learning anything IT related and specially coding with it’s hundreds of different aspects can be quite complicated, but, nothing in this world comes in an easy way.
I started not a long time ago and felt the same way like you. But with the pass of time I’ve understood that… that’s the way it is. the learning curve in learning programming languages is pretty hard but it is pretty satisfying to see the problem that you were dealing with it for an hour\5hours\a day finally works, specially if the mistake was like a dot instead of semicolons.
In the end, learning its just a part. its like learning a new language- at first you learn how to write letters ( the basics of programming) then you learn words ( how different functions or command work ) and then you learn how to implement it by building projects or, in the more advanced level contributing to some open source project.

These things are normal and, in some way it motivates you to learn even more. I began learning at age of 38 for example, without any IT related background, and I have problems with math and logics :rofl:
But, again, each time I run into a wall, then I refer to my (and every programmer in every level ) best friend Google, and make a research about each small piece of information, and then in the end - IT WORKS! Never felt better satisfaction than in case something works the way I need, even in my beginner level.

During the learning process, I think that you should be taking some notes or searching for information, maybe in your native language- in case its different from English. Learning here sometimes should involve the old school pencil and paper. As for me, I’m documenting each step, writing notes about each subject I get from researching it.

So don’t loose hope and don’t become frustrated, it is absolutely normal!
In case you want to talk, to share, or if there is anything that I can make to ease your frustration, you’re invited to write me in DM too!
Keep up the good vibes and keep us posted about how it goes!