Different code on devices but the same account

I’m going through the code challenges and I’m finding when I move from my laptop to my phone the code is always different. I can make some code on one device and it won’t show up on the other, but when I log on with the device that I coded with the code will be there just as I left it. I’m only using one account and when I finish a challenge it shows that I completed it on the map for both, but the code is still missing. Why is this happening?

Your code is saved in local storage of your device, so it is not saved somewhere “in the cloud”. Once you complete the challenge your solution is saved on the server and the solution is available through your profile.

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That makes sense. Thank you. I just wish it was saved on the server after I completed the challenge. All it shows is that I’ve completed that challenge and that I can move on to the next one.

[Edit] Thank you to those who told me to look in my profile to find the solutions I made.

I am also having sync challenge on my 2 devices. I registered on the site yesterday. I completed HTML section on my iPod and then continued with Bootstrap on my laptop. The 2 devices doesn’t show overall progress. They just should the challenges done on that device only! Any idea what should I do to synchronize my work done on both devices (logged in with same account on both devices)

Your completed solutions are saved on the server. You can get to them form your profile.

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Thank you. I couldn’t find it until now.

I haven’t had that problem, but my first guess would be to try signing out and back in, then checking your profile info on both devices to see if they come up the same.

I did sign-off and logged in again but it didn’t sync. I tried on another laptop and that showed updated status but iPad doesn’t sync with laptops (Apple or Windows) doesn’t sync.

I don’t know what you are expecting to “sync”. Completed challenges are saved to your account and can be accessed from your profile. The last challenge you were in and your unsubmitted code is only saved in your browser’s local cache.