Difficult to see what the task is

hi, i’m having an incredibly tough time figuring out what the task is.
generally, there’s an introduction, and then it just goes on.

is there a reasons the task don’t have headline? e.g. ‘Lesson’, or ‘What you need to do’.
or even listed using numbers, e.g. 1. create xyz, 2 remove abc. etc. :weary:

isn’t it already separated?

there is the explanation of the topic then a line then the instructions of what to do

note that if you don’t read the whole thing you can miss portanr infos needed to pass the challenge

Hello and welcome to the FCC community~!

If you are talking about the curriculum lessons, there is a lot of information to process all at once. However…

The first section, above the horizontal rule, provides the instructions and explanation for the concept you are learning. The second section, just above the buttons, provides the instructions for this challenge. The third section, below the buttons, shows the descriptions of the tests that you must pass. :slight_smile:

It sounds like what you are looking for is in the second section.

thank you both for the reply.
i’m sorry, my eyes aren’t that good. and so far i like the platform.

and i’m wondering if it wouldn’t it help to emphasize the middle section a bit more?
the separation from the intro is a very thin line with a shade about 5% off of the background.

just an idea: highlight the task section for more emphasis? or dos-mode (white on black) :pray::sweat_smile:

kinda solved. I use the chrome extension dark reader.

a thick line to separate the intro and lesson would still be hugely appreciated.
thank you.

Apperently dark reader messes with some of the lessons, especially when it comes to color. ugh… dark mode!