Difficulty Estimate On Node Project

Hi everyone,

I just started the Node section, and I have a project I am working on where I need to perform some CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operation on a bunch of audio files. That should be pretty easy right? What would be a good amount of time to set aside for it?

P.S. I am looking to access sound files nested in a file right next to my project folder (which contains my app)

This depends on a number of variables, one of them being your familiarity with Node. You said you’re just getting started, so now things depend on how quickly you learn, for example, and so on… Personally, I’d spend some time going through online tutorials and completing the fCC APIs and Microservices Certification projects before tackling a personal project.

If all the files are local like you said you could just focus on node’s native fs module for now without any extra bells and whistles and use it to do CRUD locally, if the files need to be served or data needs to be pulled from a mongo db then it’s easier to get up and going with a basic express and mongoose setup.
Node’s fs module is pretty fast even for very large files if you especially use fs.ReadStream