Difficulty passing The 'Build A Tribute Page'

I have seen many people asking for help and I am also here to ask help on how to pass this certification requirement. However, everyone that is “helping” obviously seems to forget that most of us here are beginners and have only the slightest clue about what we are doing. So please do tell me:

  • What I did wrong compared to the certification requirements
  • How I can avoid these mistakes again… etc in the most simple and understandable manner. Thank you in advance if you put the above things I said in consideration when providing help.

Pen: https://codepen.io/U-T-the-builder/pen/Vwqavga

maybe you can first tell me what does task say, what are you missing.

because I can go both ways.

I can for example say - everything’s all right and you should have passed it
and I can say - well, you could have done that a lot better.


Don’t use # id’s unless absolutely necessary. Like, if taks asks you to.
If it doesnt, you should style with .class

Your image should be image and not link to a page with image.

Your image doesnt display because it needs to be something like


which then turns into

For the love of all, put some font on your page.
I challenge you to find Acme font online and use it on your page.

image is an element
img should be used to style it

HI @UniteAU !

Welcome to the forum!

I edited your post to include the challenge link.

When I post your code in the challenge, all of the tests pass for me.

Can you elaborate more on which specific issues you are facing with this project?
That will help us better assist you :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, you made all of the certification requirements.

I think making mistakes is the absolute right thing you should be doing right now, in your leaning journey because that is the best way to learn and grow.

When I was first learning, and going through the curriculum, I made thousands of mistakes and went down so many wrong paths with my code.

But that was a huge benefit to me because I learned why something wasn’t working and learned how to debug my code and research for answers.

Your goal should not be to avoid mistakes but rather embrace them because that is an opportunity to get better.

The best developers are not the ones that are super geniuses.
The best developers are the ones who pushed themselves and made tons of mistakes to build projects and grow their skills.

Just keep learning and building :slight_smile: :+1:

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