Difficulty submitting my work

Please i need help, whenever i want to submit my work it times out. I have tried submitting countless times but it keeps timing out

please add more details. It’s impossible to understand what’s going on.

When i push my work on github and deploy at the point of submitting my solution link to complete the challenge, the test will run and put a comment “test timed out”.

See attached screenshot.

I will be expecting your feedback as to what could be the issue.

Warm Regards,

I don’t have enough experience with this project to know what’s going on. Can you also provide the link to your github repo so that whoever can debug will have that too?

This is the link to my github repo ‘https://github.com/adaezedawen107/precious.git

Are you sure you gave the right link? it’s not accessible

Do you need my login detail to access it so i can send it across?

Absolutely not, do not give your login details to people

Internet 101: never give your login details, password, 2FA, to anyone

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https://github.com/adaezedawen107/precious.git’. I noticed that my github repo was in private, i have changed it to public. Can you try again to see if it will be accessible.

Hello good day!
Please was my github repo accessible??
I sent you another link when i made it public.

You made it public, now it can be seen by everyone