Dilemma with the beta site projects

I have switched to the beta Website, which I find more enjoyable than the ‘live’ website. I’ve reached the Applied Responsive Web Design projects, and I’ve finished and submitted the Tribute Page and the Survey Form, both of which I have, to some extent, ‘prettied up’.

I am now working on the Product Landing page. It passes the tests. Everything is in there. Everything works. But it looks ugly. I am not sure whether I should spend time on design this time. I won’t be using that page anyway. While going through the challenges, reading up on tips and tricks elsewhere, I got tons of ideas for myself.

I have, for instance, a Website that I made around 20 years ago. I still occasionally get emails with questions about the subject on the Website. For the first time in years, I checked the statistics, and much to my surprise, the site attracts around 250 unique visitors each day. So I am now excited to give this old Website a make over, and propel it into the 21st century :grinning:

My husband is a programmer, and he’s been dabbling in game design lately. He could use a nice Website soon, where he can display his stuff.

I have a JavaScript project in mind for when I get into Javascript. It’s going to be an app for mobile and it’s something me and my friends were talking about some time ago. How this was missing, and that we wanted to have it.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of projects I am eager to start on.

Now I’m in a dilemma. Do I spend time on making web pages look pretty? Web pages that I won’t ever use anyway? I thought of not handing in anything, but I fear that that will end up in not doing anything at all here on FreeCodeCamp. Which in turn will probably get me stuck at a certain level, with no urge to move forward.

I’m just doing this for fun. I don’t ‘need’ the certificates, in that I’m not looking for a coding job, unlike probably most of the folks here. I actually quit the tech industry 20 years ago, due some really bad experiences (extremely toxic environments, sexual harassment, people being treated like garbage). I have never regretted that decision, and I never looked back. Then again…Those certificates though are nice to have. You never know.

I just don’t know what to do! :thinking:

If you don’t plan on creating a portfolio that includes your FCC projects, sharing them with potential employers, etc, then it’s perfectly understandable not to worry too much about how they look. On the other hand, you do want to create websites and applications for which design will be important. The projects are learning opportunities not just for functionality, but also for presentation. This project that you don’t care much about can be where you do things wrong and learning from it so that when you work on your personal projects you are better prepared to do it right.

Your call.

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