Direct payment vs paypal

I saw on upwork, that they can pay u via direct transaction to ur bank, with $30 per withdrawal to my country,
but there is also paypal that cost just $1 per withdrawal?

Why paypal’s feature of transaction cost much lower?
When i enter on youtube, how paypal works, there is just videos of 1-2 min, all saying, it is easy, just enter mail, debit card, etc… But why there is big difference, between direct and paypal transaction?

Also can u post ur experience with paypal

Not an expert…

I would guess that PayPal is cheaper because they are an automated and internationally viable way to transfer money.

Actually dealing with international banks is more likely a manual process, so an actual person might be working out how to transfer the money to you.

I’ve only used PayPal in relation to eBay, but have both sent and received money that way without a hitch.

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