Direction and Hope from CodeNewbie and FreeCodeCamp

A couple months ago, an acquaintance told me I should learn a programming language. I had no idea what that meant. (And am still pretty clueless.)

But within a day of Googling “what’s coding?” and “what programming language should I learn?”, I found a list of Podcasts on Reddit for people new to programming, and CodeNewbie was one of them. Since I listen to lots of Podcasts, this was a perfect fit.

I’ve been binge listening to the CodeNewbie ever since: I can’t get enough.

If you listen to podcasts (or don’t), you need to find and listen to this one. I promise you won’t regret it.

Whereas (many) other programming-related Podcasts were too advanced for me and/or hurt my ears, Saron (the creator and host) is doing a beautiful job of making something that is extremely well produced. It belongs right up there with This American Life, Serial, RadioLab, Reply All, and many others. The content from CodeNewbie makes me excited about learning this new skill, and helps me feel like I’m not wasting time when performing mundane tasks while listening to the show.

It was on the CodeNewbie Podcast that I heard an interview with Quincy Larson about Free Code Camp, and quickly found myself eye-deep in the lessons here. Loving every second.

Thanks to Saron (CodeNewbie) for introducing me to Quincy and FCC, and thank you both for helping me feel like I have direction and hope in this new endeavor.

Everyone should read this post about the CodeNewbie Podcast…


Hi @turingalad I am thrilled that you’re getting so much out of Code Newbie. I have probably listened to at least half of the episodes.

I am also thrilled to hear you listened to the episode where Saron interviewed me. It was really surreal hearing her voice and realizing her questions were directed at me.

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I have only listened to @QuincyLarson podcast, will take a look to see what content do they have.

I have just started listening to pod casts today myself. And it started with code newbie also. I love how great of a job saron does. And I love that I have this resource now as opposed to what I used to do. (constantly flip through different YouTube videos to listen to)