Disambiguation of Intermediate Front End Development Project: Show the local Weather JSON data

what system of measurement is this information in? I use the metric system…

Specifically, the UNITS OF MEASUREMENT for some of the numbers:

visibility = 4426 metres or units of??
wind.speed = 3.1 knots or km/hr or units of??
wind.deg = 320 units of?? and what is deg in relation to wind??? is it direction of wind flow?
clouds.all = 90 units of???
sunrise= 1508532907 units of?
sunset= 1508572890 units of?

sorry if these values change in the link they are dynamic.

All of the data from the FCC proxy are in metric.


There’s no visibility in the JSON example, but the other formats say it’s in meters.

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I’m a little confused here - is the freeCodeCamp weather API just a wrapper for this OpenWeatherMap API?

I’ve been trying to find some documentation for the FCC Weather API, and I can only find the pass-through link they supplied that introduces the “Show the Local Weather” project

If I’m not mistaken, it was made to avoid the hassle of signing up for API keys, and to avoid the problems with the OpenWeather API served over HTTP

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Seems reasonable. Is there anywhere that explicitly states this? I’m mostly curious at this point as there are a lot of articles on Medium where people use the OpenWeatherMap API.

I even tried looking for the FCC-Weather-API project on glitch.com, but I couldn’t find anything about it there.

Here’s the GitHub issue I found about this:

I also found the source code for fcc-weather-api on glitch. Indeed it uses the OpenWeatherMap API.

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Thank you so much for your help! I was pretty convinced that it used the OpenWeatherMap API, but it is nice to have something concrete proving this fact.

I suppose this is a sign of how new I am to all of this, but I’m not active on GitHub at all and that would have helped me a lot here.

Thank you once again for your help and the effort you’ve gone to showing those links. I feel a lot more confident about reading through the documentation and it is a big step in me doing this project.

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