Disappointed with my previous jobs

I was working as a backend PHP developer to a university, the owner has several other universities across my country (Brazil), but my boss was the problem, he did not know anything about programming, he takes several bad decisions, did most of the team quit the company and at the end, me too, he never listened to the team, so no one wanted work there anymore, after that, I got a job in a little company, with a cool environment, but again, my new boss never wanted to talk with me, we used Trello to make tasks, and when he created tasks to me, they had only a vague title without description, I lifted from my chair and asked him what he wanted to mean with that task, his explanation was like: “ah, just put that text at center” put his earphones back

then later, he fired me telling me that I’m not “communicative”… WTF!?

now I’m feeling sad, i feel like i will not trust in any other company again, but at same time i keep fighting against this feeling and i’m trying my best learning more about web development

Hi Leandroruel,

Truth is that there are some weird people around who ended up being someone’s boss. You already met two of them, early in your career. With a bit of luck these two turn out to be the worst ones you’re ever going to meet.

There are also many nice people who could become your new boss or your new colleagues. You just have to find them.
Keep trying. Don’t give up. This is about your life, your job and your future!

It’s not about the lack of (social) skills of a few weird bosses. They are not important enough to let them influence your decisions.

Forget them and go for the next job!

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