Discobot got me - "You are not allowed to create polls"

Can anyone tell me why I can’t build a poll in my reply to discobot? I’m doing this beginner challenge with him or whatever that is and I’m stuck on something very basic… When I give him wrong answer he tells me to copy his code or click :gear: in my editor but my only options there are : hide details and blur spoiler. If I copy his code and send it I’m getting a modal with message “You are not allowed to create polls”. Is that a bug or is that too much as for my abilities? :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome work! I hope you didn’t mute this topic since I can be a little talkative at times :grin:.

Note that when you reply to a topic, or read a topic for more than a few minutes, it is automatically set to a notification level of ‘tracking’. You can change this in your user preferences.

Did you know you can add a poll to any post? Try using the gear in the editor to build a poll.

Ok, don’t understand why but after going through the forum for a while I got the option to add a poll in my editor :wink:

Creating polls in the forum requires a certain ‘trust level’. As you participate in the forum your ‘trust level’ increase. I’m not sure what ‘trust level’ is required for creating polls.