Disconnected nav bar. Help me :-) . closed

Hello! I’m a web developer student and I’m learning coding from scratch. After looking for the solution for several days I had to surrender and write to you: I’m stuck on my exercise to make the first web page.
The problem: I can’t connect the navigation bar menu to the items on the same page that I included into the cards. If I click on Portfolio the page does not scroll to the Portfolio. Can you help me, please? I have made several attempts, all of them wrong.
This is the link on my simple page under construction: https://codepen.io/bdadamo/pen/bLPXLm
Thank you very much for your help, ciao!

That is because you have not defined an id for the section you want to link to and in your nav links, you have not specified an id after the # of the corresponding href tag. How were you thinking the browser was going to know where to scroll to?

Thank you, tomorrow afternoon I will try to correct it, I was not able to find a simple example that would allow me to fully understand the syntax.

Hello again,
I have added the id as suggested but still the navigation bar is not scrollable, so there is a basic error but I’m not able to find it. My final goal is to have a simple page which can also be read with a smartphone and I would like to use the cards because I find them nice.
Could you give me a tip to fix the issue? Thanks again for your help.