Discord Bot :help Command

I have recently been making a bot service for discord, but I can’t get my embed to work:

exports.run = async (client, message, args) => {
    return message.channel.send({embed: {
        color: 15158332,
        description: `**Wimpy's Bot Help Page**\n`
        + `\` ${process.env.prefix}modhelp\` - Shows the list of moderator commands.`
        + `\`${process.env.prefix}grouphelp\` - Shows the list of group related commands.`
        + `\`${process.env.prefix}eval\` - Allows the founder to make the bot run Eval code.`
        author: {
            name: message.author.tag,
            icon_url: message.author.displayAvatarURL()


This is using the Discord.js library, correct? There does not seem to be a method to set the author of an embed, which may be the cause of your error.

Yes, this uses Discord.js

I generally create my embeds with the MessageEmbed constructor, so I’m not 100% sure when it comes to creating them from an object.

But the constructor doesn’t have an addAuthor method, so I think that would be true for the object as well?