Discord Bots: Node.js or Python

Hey guys! So, I’ve been meaning to do some bots for the Discord app. Thing being, I’m not sure what is more preferable or easier to code: Python or Node.js. Would like some advice and what’s yall’s opinion on the matter.

Hi @Isthisprofessional20 !

I have seen a lot of people use python lately.
But that might be because FCC released a tutorial on how to make your own discord bot with python.

It is whatever you feel most comfortable with. :smiley:

Python is the easier language of the two. JavaScript is the language of the web, so it has overall more resources to learn it. However, because it’s the language of the web, it has a number of “interesting properties” and gotchas.

This doesn’t mean you will pick it up in a few seconds and be able to program like a god, you will still need to learn the language, learn how to program, and then learn how to build a discord bot. You also will need to debug your own code once things aren’t working, which only gets harder the more stuff you try to take on at the start.

Regardless of the language you pick, you will have to learn more and keep learning as you go.

Good luck :+1:

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