Discord Server for fCC beginners

I have launched a Discord server for fCC users. Keeping in the spirit of fCC, moderation of the board will be democratized. We are keeping things minimally organized, and free (as in speech).

It features four boards:

  • chitchat is a SFW social channel. 'Nuff said.

  • advice is a Q & A for any of your programming challenges. Javascripting for your first time? Working with APIs, or algorithms? Drop a line here.

  • sage-tips
    We’re all here because we want to be coders. And, we have the luxery of predefined study material. The ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions are solved.
    But, ‘how?’ How do we persevere and succeed as self-taught students?
    This board is for conversation on building a work ethic, dealing with common emotional, mental or logistical hurdles, navigating the learning curve, strategies on learning quickly, self-care / wellness / burnout-prevention… And other such sage topics.

  • community-coding
    This is the place where we can start collaborating on projects as early as possible. Part of fCC’s geurilla approach to self-study, is to dive in over your head. It’s effective. Here we can do it together – creating webapps, and programming in general, collaboratively, from day-one with a group.

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