Discovering my love for mathematics

I hope I have posted in the correct part of the forum. I just want to share that as I learn the Vanilla JavaScript I am beginning to fall in love with math. I am actually a secondary school History teacher. I am not good at math and at best I am about average. However the more I learn JS the more I feel like studying maths and even rewriting my secondary school maths which I failed many years ago. Even at my school before I started coding I was beginning to fall in love with maths as I saw my fellow math teachers teaching maths and did not have to give kids massive amounts of notes like in history but in math they were problem-solving. I like aspects of problem solving since I used to love playing video games like splinter cell but Iā€™m no longer a gamer but once in a while I still like to play chess.

Thank you freecodecamp for igniting my desire for maths and maybe one day I could even be a data analyst or even a data scientist.


Happy to read that. Yeah mathematics is beautiful. I would recommend to try Statistics too, :wink:. Keep going on.

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Thanks for the encouragement. Will definitely check out statistics and I remember learning it a bit in graduate school and it was interesting and challenging. Kinda miss it

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