Discrepancy between FCC Tests and CodePen Tests - Markdown Previewer

I just finished the FrontEnd Dev Libraries project “Markdown Previewer.” It passed all of the tests in FCC but would not pass tests #5 & #6 in CodePen itself. I’ve been racking my brain on this one to no avail…

Link: https://codepen.io/Ibrahim-Qureshi/pen/zYjQPmg

I’d check those li markdown elements real closely. You might be missing some spaces.

I updated the default text to include the list items under a

    parent. This allowed me to pass test #6 but #5 is still not passing. Tried messing with the spacing too but no change

    <li> item 1
    <li> item 2
    <li> item 3

This isn’t valid markdown. The markdown list you had before was almost correct. You just needed to put a space between the dash and the text.

Thanks! It’s always the simplest mistakes that are hardest to spot :frowning:

Any idea why it initially passed the tests on FCC though but not CodePen?

I’m not exactly sure I understand what you mean by this, but I’ve never officially submitted this project (or any of the front end projects) for certification, so I probably don’t have the insight to understand what you are asking.

Here’s mine by the way. Not much to look at but a lot of added functionality.

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