Disklike non-developer job while learning to code

Has anyone else stuck through a job they disliked until they could get a job as a developer? I’m really struggling with this and want to know if anyone else had any advice.


I am there. The advice is always the same. A strong portfolio with just a few projects, but these need to be masterpieces or almost.(Have you built it? Me not, yet) Then apply all the ads you find suitables. Good luck!

I’m sticking with a non-developer job right now. At least I work at a company that hires developers, so I keep my eyes on the prize and think about being on the other side of the building after I’ve learned more!

Thanks! Good luck to you too!

I’m trying to keep my eye on the prize but the day to day sucks. I keep trying to use it as motivation to keep working but sometimes it feels hopeless. Good luck on getting to the other side of the building! That’s exciting that you can literally see what you want.

Good luck to you, too!

Yes, I’m in a job I’d rather not be in (for multiple reasons now as time goes by…). Most days I’m physically tired and recently hurt myself a little so it’s been challenging to sit and do coding (working on my portfolio and trying to get one of the react apps I worked on as a “capstone project” last year to deploy…)

Keep on Truckin’. You’ll (and I) get there.


Same here. I’ve been doing the same work for 17 years and it is not enough to provide for my family anymore. Almost aal my free time is dedicated to coding and keeping the eye on the prize. But it’s difficult to work and only thinking about what you will learn next or just learned, especially when you know that your future job will be better. We will get there eventually, so keep grinding. You know the reason you are doing it for!


been unemployed for more than a year because i just dont want to work in another soul crushing mind numbing job and i just want to start coding professionally


Thanks for all the replies! It’s comforting to know it’s not just me!

Definitely not just you. I was in a similar situation back in November 2018, when I first started self-teaching. Since then, I changed jobs because, like you, I was totally frustrated/drained.

My mindset was that I wanted to find a role that allowed me to continue living (monetarily) how I wanted to live…easy breezy (most of the time), and allowed me to focus on continuing to learn to code. Even though it isn’t exactly where I want to be, it’s enough. If you can find your “enough” elsewhere, I say go for it. Don’t stay somewhere and have it suck your soul dry.


Love this! Thank you!!

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Definitely not just you! I’ve been in the same field for 20 years and the last 6 months or so have started self-learning code. It’s certainly a struggle. I’m so burnt out on my current “career” and so geeked for coding that’s its hard to stay focused during the day. But quitting to learn code full-time is definitely not an option.

So change the 20 to 5 and you have my situation! All I want to do at work is go home and code!

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Same here. Last few years its a joke not a work. After investing lot of time into gettin into manager role (retail), structure change came and turn the world (work) upside down as i had to step down. Best workers left, no one new joined and it feel like i stuck in work camp not work place. Good workers must work for two or three. No satisfaction, no reward etc etc
Just after xmas i started self learning coding. I am going thrue what i can get hands on. FCC, w3schools, MDN, javascript30. Its not easy. I am working full time so few hours a day is max for me.
Lot of info/knowledge is leaving my head as soon as i close the browser:) but slowly with consistency i get there and one day would say ‘bye’ to my current job.
I had some coding at school days back. I made own (basic stuff) web page that i uploaded to server as my broadband provider offered free 200MB free space. It was fun.
Now i do hope i will jump into something i like more and earn enough (atleast same as now) for living.
I do hope that another structure change come into my place and i will be offered redundancy. That way atleast i will have a chance to sit over the code full time:D

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Yeeeeeep. I am currently a kinder teacher. Although I love the little ones, it’s extremely draining to give, give, and GIVE day in and day out. It doesn’t help that the school, let alone the whole education system, is on fire. I have wanted out for a little while, but it hit home this year how badly I wanted out. I really go day by day and congratulate myself when I make it through a whole week!!