Display:block is not working [Merry Christmas]

Hi, Someone can help me? https://codepen.io/szymon91/pen/XVdozz
I would like to make it work. Any ideas?

What in particular? Image?

no. In nav I have some option. I would like to hover over and click whole area which surrounds the writing e. g. Who am I. For now to go destined section I have hover over on the writing becase only this writing is hyperlink. I would like to make whole

  • to be hyperlink. I hope I explained
  • in this spot should be li tag

    Put most of the styling on the anchor elements, not the list elements: at the minute the anchors just sit inside a styled (non-clickable) list element. Keep the styling to put the elements in a line, the rest (sizing etc) put on the anchors.

    Or dont use a list, use something like:

      <a href="link1">First item</a>
      <a href="link2">Second item</a>
      <a href="link3">Third item</a>

    And just style the links as you are the list items at the minute; that gets rid of the extra list elements if you want to do it that way.

    Also it’s <nav> not <naw>

    Maybe I understood. I change a bit your codepen so I fork yours. You have to re-write <li>'s css and add <a> to make greater the area. You don’t have to set height for your tags, because this can give you problems, like in this case.