[disregard] My jQuery isn't targeting my ID's :(

Well. I did it again.
This time I am trying to target the ID’s in my buttons and my Paragraph but there’s no change.
My jQuery for the button types is working, so I know it isn’t an add on.

Also, can you guys look at my code and tell me if it’s grammatically incorrect?
It’s just feels so convoluted at this point.

tx 4 any help

I’m pretty sure that the .css() syntax is .css("propertyName", "propertyValue").

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Yea, @ArielLeslie, I had the syntax wrong. But when I went and changed it I screwed it up even more.
I’m quitting that Pen and starting fresh. I’ll tag you for help, please help.

Once you’re through the frustration of this project and are ready to look into something new, you might get a lot out of learning to use version control (like Git). Among other things, it lets you start bits fresh like this but then later when you realize there was something good in there it’s easy to pull it back in.

Git and GitHub in Plain English

Yea that sounds good.
I saw a couple a vid bout got and guthub. I remember starting a Guthub for FCC and doing the HW intro, along time ago lol, but never found it useful. Probably because I wasn’t working in projects the easy I am now.
I’ll go back and revisit that now.