Distress about the Personal Portfolio Webpage

So like, I have a problem with freecodecamp. I’m pretty intuitive, I’m no dummy, lets start there. Its not a matter of confusion so like, how do I go from the first project which was simplistic and I did very well, but then hopped on to the second project and then BAM the example is just like, FULL of JavaScript and other stuff that just, has not been covered! I know the grammar of html css bootstrap and some jQuery, but there’s no way scrolling buttons were exemplified or even the scroll screen that works so well.

That was a serious drop from easy to incredibly hard. And as I said, this isn’t is a ‘simpleton’ issue, this is a distress issue. Even deconstructing the example (like I’m not supposed to) isn’t teaching me anything. Is anybody else having this problem???


Yes, I had that same feeling. What I did was just take the knowledge learnt and slowly, step by step start building your page.

So I’m guessing with the knowledge you have already picked up you will be able to knock up a page with txt, links, images, header bar, borders etc.

Regarding the more complicated stuff you mentioned, I think you will have to do some research. I think they maybe are trying to teach us how to research and apply other tools that we may not have been taught, a very good skill I think which we would need in the ‘real world’.

The lessons so far have showed us how to bring different tools into our web page e.g bootstrap (buttons and layout), google fonts, and font awesome. So for the more complex elements you could look into bootstrap some more.

I googled scrolling buttons and the first link was to this
This looked pretty cool, I haven’t tried it myself yet, but it looks like a lot of it is adding the correct parameters inside the class tags,
And then I found this which seemed to be helpful with bootstrap stuff

I would figure out what you want to do and then use some tutorials to implement them. Try not to get overwhelmed looking at the example code (yes it does seem scary) but just build it step by step.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Every project you do in FCC will push you to use more outside resources and your own personal judgement calls.