Div element problems HTML [Solved]

Its saying I haven’t done it when I think I have. Heres a screenshot:

Any help greatly appreciated

You’ve defined a style for the silver-background class, but have you used it in the the HTML elements identified in the first test?

Im new to HTML can you dumb down your question please

Sure. Basically the HTML part of your page starts with the <h2> and goes down to the <form> in the picture (probably more that I can’t see). Everything in the brackets is an element or tag. To add the class for silver-background to the <div> you can look at the <h2> tag as an example of how the style is used in the HTML part of your code. Does that help a little?

When you define the class it could look something like this:
background-color: silver;

then when you create the div you add the class as such:
<div class = 'silver-background'>

Thank you so much! I keep making these stupid mistakes. I am now taking notes so I dont f*** up anymore.

PS the

element is just below the element in the screenshot.

Really appreciate it, take care :smiley:

No worries. We all started somewhere. Before you know it, you’ll be able to create web pages like it’s second nature. Good luck! :slight_smile: