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The lessons of applied accessibility under Responsive Web Design have an error, I take out the div tags yet, it doesn’t mark the lesson as complete saying the code should not contain any div tags.

in the image, the gap of lessons is where there is definitely an issue, but I have been finding it at a number of other lessons as well.

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<header><h1>Training with Camper Cat</h1></header>
  <section id="stealth">
    <h2>Stealth &amp; Agility Training</h2>
    <article><h3>Climb foliage quickly using a minimum spanning tree approach</h3></article>
    <article><h3>No training is NP-complete without parkour</h3></article>
  <section id="combat">
    <h2>Combat Training</h2>
    <article><h3>Dispatch multiple enemies with multithreaded tactics</h3></article>
    <article><h3>Goodbye world: 5 proven ways to knock out an opponent</h3></article>
  <section id="weapons">
    <h2>Weapons Training</h2>
    <article><h3>Swords: the best tool to literally divide and conquer</h3></article>
    <article><h3>Breadth-first or depth-first in multi-weapon training?</h3></article>

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