Divide One Number by Another with JavaScript aide

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whats the number to be used to obtain the quotient 2

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var quotient = 66 /1;

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if 16 divided by 2 is 8
myVar = 16 / 2; // assigned 8

then 66 divided by ? is 2
var quotient = 66 / ?;

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Hi there @ateah8.

Quotient refers to the number/answer you recieve after you divide one number by another.


20 / 10 = 2. (In this example, the quotient is the number 2.

In this case, you need to find a number to divide 66 by, that will return an answer or quotient of 2. Hope this helps!

Hi, sorry if I am misinterpreting your question, however you could do 66 / (66/2)

Does this help?


This answer would be incorrect @Hobbo

EDIT: Ah, this answer actually passes in the task (I wouldn’t expect it to, due to the test usually being very strict. My mistake!)

quotient = outcome
so if we have 66 we must divide it by half
so 66/2 = 33
then 33 is your answere