Django and social auth

I am looking for Django social auth google/twitter tutorial surprisingly couldn’t find any recent tutorial. The most recent tutorial I find was written in 2014. can anyone help me with good resource?


I imagine the 2014 tutorial you found was by Real Python. Django and 3rd party auth have been around for quite a while and dont change quickly to prevent breaking existing implementations. Django is currently 1.10 vs the tutorials 1.7. I can’t say for sure, but I’d bet everything in that guide is still valid.

I had a really good experience following a Real Python guide for setting up a flask listener to enable automatic deployments. I’d definitely recommend their guides.

Also, for popular posts you can often tell if the guide is broken from the comments, which don’t seem to indicate an issue in this instance. I’d say give it a shot!

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I tried that tutorial but couldn’t manage to get it work then I came across
this resource which help me a lot

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