Django Career for Job Opportunity

Is it possible to make career with django web development?
I was working learning Django and made some projects with Django.
I wonder how much skills needed to get Django Developer Job.
Hoping for Some Reply. Thanks . . .

Do a job search in your area with different tech stack and compare the numbers

For example I did a search in New York on Indeed and here’s the number i got
Python Django 213
Python Flask 142
Java Spring 937
Node.js 933
Javascript react 1244
C# .net 788
Ruby on rails 228

So just looking at the number, it is probably not the best bet for you if you live in NYC for example. However most places don’t conduct hiring purely base on tools/framework candidates use, some places don’t care at all as long as you’ve been working on the same domain. If switching language and framework is costly for you, I’d rather gets really good at web(client/server) domain and build something awesome with it instead of tying yourself with “Django”.

In terms of job ready skillset, share your work for feedback and apply to jobs. Then you will know.

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