Django Models Questions

I think you can access data from the original model in django when you use a foreign key in another model to reference the original model, I hope that is correct? Kinda like SQL JOIN
Also, can I run Django shell commands directly in the python file by importing the necessary model, or can the stuff be done only in django shell?

Yes, in particular by using related_name

Yes, of course you can, and it’s quite common

Thanks! I was actually trying to look up some stuff regarding related_name yesterday, the concept made sense to me, but the syntax didn’t fully, I think you can access the properties by doing something like model1.related_name_provided_to_the_forgeign_key.model2_attribute. I was confused about the django shell thing since it seemed like the most obvious thing to use for the models, but nearly everybody I had seen was using django shell, and I think using was probably too obvious to everybody except my REALLY BIG BRAIN, henceforth, google wasn’t of much help.

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