DNA pairing test

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Hi guys i am trying to use switch statement on this challenge,is it possible??  if yes how do i go about it at this point??

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function pairElement(str) {

switch (str) {
  case 0:
  pair = "A", "T";
  case 1: 
  pair = "T", "A";
  case 2:
  pair = "C", "G";
  case 3:
  pair = "G", "C";
return str;

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Challenge: DNA Pairing

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This is throwing the entire long string into the switch. I think you’ll want to use a switch for each letter in the string instead.

This checks if str is strictly equal to 0, which will never happen. Same with all the other cases.

  • pair is not defined
  • I suppose you wanted to put those two values in an array a la ["A", "T"] but forgot the brackets?

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