Do I have to take other courses?

Hello I learnt frontend development recently on fcc .

I recently built a project to try my hands on coding but into the project, I found out there are many other aspects to creating a website that I didn’t learn on this platform example S.E.O , Making sitemaps etc.

Does this mean after freecodecamp I have to take other courses ?

I am a fellow beginner. But just from the objective standpoint as someone who is in mechanical engineering field and knows that, when u open any new door( metaphor for learning something new) u realize there is 1000s of doors behind it again, and the number of doors increases exponentially with every single new door opened.

U don’t have to take another “course”, but of course you will have to learn other stuff. I have no clue about web development, but I am 100% certain that one single course is not enough to be proficient in anything in life. That doesn’t mean u should strike for perfection, just shoot for being better today than you were yesterday.


You will need to use additional resources beyond freeCodeCamp. You may choose to follow other structured courses, or you may find yourself just researching specific topics as needed.


I started using FCC just to brush up on what I already knew, but you are 100% right. Front end is exactly what the name indicated, like the face of your watch. There are many things besides front end to take into account.

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Love this, and soo true


You may or may not have to take more courses, but you will certainly need to learn more–and keep learning, for as long as you want to make things. Partly because the internet keeps changing and if you don’t change, you’ll be left behind!

Courses are good to give you the basic idea and an overview of a thing. Google will be your next teacher. Seriously, there have been very few tech-related questions I’ve asked Google and not, eventually, been able to find the answer.

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