Do i have to upload jQuery and other scripts i use every time i put project on github?


I find it rather not economic that i upload files like: jquery, normalize.css, modernizr etc. every time i push my project to a repo on github.

Is there a way to push only my scripts, css and the html files to the repository without giving up on these external scripts? Using CDNs ? But are there CDNs for everything?
Do i need to use a building tool for that?

What’s the optimal way of minimizing number files pushed on github?



If you need any else you could find them here.

Just search for them and take the link.

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If you’re using CDN links in the <head> of your index.html file, and you push that file to Github, it doesn’t push up the entire codebase of jQuery or whatever library/tool you are linking to with the CDN.

That’s ok, as long as functionality is still provided :slight_smile: