Do I need a container?


I have seen in the later CSS test problems that the examples in the test were in objects called “container”. I had to think a while about why it was there before coming to the conclusion that it was set up for contrast during the test. But I started seeing them in the project examples and in different codes that seemed like they shouldn’t have needed it. I didn’t see any test problems mentioning the container or why one is needed. Is there some coding rule or a general reason why you should use a container?

Container comes from bootstrap CSS. It’s not 100% necessary but it’s extremely handy to use.

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Containers may help to have ca cleaner HTML, sometime they make things more complicates. As @Imstupidpleasehelp mentions, there are lot of frameworks that uses containers, and that has popularized them.
In vanilla HTML-CSS they aren’t necessary at all , because you can develop your own rules, but when you use a framework for a lot of time, you start to think as the framework, and you will use the “patterns” of the framework out of it.

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