Do I need others ressources for the start aside fcc?

I started learn coding with freeCodeCamp 2 weeks ago and I enjoy it.
I’m 42 years old and I hope programming is the promise for a new life in a few years.

Do you think I need other ressource now (like books) ? Or the course and the progression with freeCodeCamp is enough for the moment ?

I think initially the resources here are enough for just beginning but the resources are limited. As you reach the project stages you may find it difficult to implement on solely what is learnt in here. Freecodecamp is very good for providing a path and also with the principle of ‘Learn By Doing’ but its not totally self-sufficient. I suggest you to check other sites and books for further delving on topics and frameworks that you are interested in .
Udemy has some great tutorials for a very good price and there are other websites that are free too.

As per now you could just go with the flow and if you feed stuck or confused anywhere or want to learn more you might consider other options and resources.

This is just my subjective opinion.

Good Luck.