Do I need to download linux to write C?

I’m getting my feet wet with C and I wonder if it’s necessary to download Linux to do it properly. It seems like a big deal since I’m a Windows user and I’d be using my changing everything about my OS for studying a language…but maybe it’s easier than I thought. I’d always heard about using both Windows and Linux OS and switching between the two.

What are your thoughts?

I only write C on Linux. That said, using WSL is a great option. You can write C on Windows without WSL, but its more “fiddly” to set up.

Right now I’m using CodeBlocks. Would that be good enough?

I have no experience with CodeBlocks.

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I am currently using CodeBlocks as I study C; however, it seems Linux is the proper environment for writing C. Which is a better environment to use for practicing C?

Use whatever you prefer if you have it working. It’s really, really not a big deal.

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