Do i need to know theory of algorithms or i should i just solve problems?

Guys, i’m currently preparing for a job interview, and it will be solely algorithm problem solving.
That is my super weak side since i didn’t spend any time to practice them, and learn how to solve problems properly.So my question is, should i take course on algorithms and learn theory first, or should i go straight to solving problems and learning common algorithms that might appear on a interview?

By solving problems involving common algorithms you learn them, aren’t you? I think this is the best way to learn algorithms


Basically you have presented two choices

  1. Take a course and learn the subject to pass the interview
  2. Don’t take the course and just learn the questions + answers

I think both of these miss the point that you should learn algorithms for the sake of learning algorithms. I’d take the course if you have that as an option as learning the content isn’t about getting thru the interview, its about learning the content. The interview is just the first of many situations where you would probably need this information.

Algorithms are one of those things that always are useful to know. Programming languages, and tech go into and out of style, but the ideas being programming in general have been the same, and will stay the same.

Practice them to be ready for the interview, and to improve your own skills.

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