Do I write the Math Paper for My O/L's and A/L's?

Hi guys!

I’m a teen from Sri Lanka and I started FCC a few months ago.
I am preparing for my O/L’s and A/L exams and was wondering if writing the “Maths” and “Additional Maths” paper is important since a lot of people who work in IT say so and I plan on working in the IT field.

Please advice.

Absolutely yes: Mathematics is important, not only for IT. You must be able to do your own calculations, don’t just believe all the things other people tell you, check everything with some mathematics.

Finally Computer Science (and IT) is something that is developed on the basis of mathematical knowledge. And this development is going to continue for a long time.

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Of Course, they’ll be helpful some day .Goodluck

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Absolutely yes! Mathematics is very important!

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Yes, of course, I wish you good luck!