Do not change the order of the h1 h2 or p in the code

Do not change the order of the h1 h2 or p in the code


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best thing to do is to reset the code back to the beginning and then read my comment to your previous post again.


i have resset the code but the order have now passed but the code is not in normal


i suggest that you post your latest code at this point.

I assume you have
1- reset the code back to start
2- tried to use the <!-- and --> to comment out the correct lines and removed these characters from around the lines that need to be uncommented

So if you have done the above and are still struggling, please show us your latest effort by pasting it in between two lines with three backticks on each line like below
put code here


madam thanks io have get it but am having another problem and i have share it i will be happy if you can help me out


or should i send the screen shot to you madam


if you are on a different challenge, then just click on the ‘ask for help’ button to get a new post created with your code and a link to the challenge automatically added to it.
Don’t forget to update the post by writing your question or concern into it.