Do other non-profit projects count towards a cert?


I work for a blindness organization (non-profit) and I was working on full-stack projects (e.g., client management system, online audio streaming) to replace our legacy software when I came across Free Code Camp. It is an awesome initiative and helps a lot putting the pieces together.

My question is that would my projects count towards earning a certificate?

Thank you!



Hi Toraritte,

It’s great to hear from someone working for such an important cause. As an aside, you may be interested in this story written by a camper who goes by @Zersiax:

To your question: contributing to Open Source for Good projects at freeCodeCamp is completely optional. The certificates are earned by building practice projects in the challenges on the Map. In terms of earning “credit” for volunteering your skills and writing code, we’ve got a proof of concept to accurately reflect merged PRs against freeCodeCamp repos on your FCC profile page. This should be implemented sometime this year.

We don’t currently have any Open Source for Good projects tailored toward blindness initiatives, but if you’d like to email me at, I’d be interested in learning more about the types of software your organization uses and whether or not an open source solution would save nonprofits in your sector significant funds.



Hi Michael,
Sorry for being off topic but I completed all certificated a couple of days ago, received an email from codecamp and filled google form that came in it. Should I expect to hear back from you at some point? Are nonprofit projects still happening?


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Yes and yes! We’re also launching the new directory of Open Source for Good projects this week, which will tidy a lot of what we’re working on into one place for you to decide how you’d like to volunteer.


That’s awesome, thank you!

To clarify you will show our GitHub Commits on freeCodeCamp projects on our freeCodeCamp profiles? If so that’s awesome and I’m looking forward to it! :smiley:

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It’s a proof of concept in its earliest stages, but we did figure out a way to reflect merged pull requests against freeCodeCamp repos on camper profile pages. Not the freeCodeCamp practice projects. I don’t believe we’ll show it at a granular level of individual commits. But I’m looking forward to it too. :sunglasses:

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So will it show which repos we contributed to?