Do payment processors profit from fraud? FCC News related

This is related to @QuincyLarson’s news article:

First of all, I am glad that Quincy was able to get the problem sorted out, but Stripe could have done things differently. No victim should be faced with transaction charges that result from crime.
I am appalled that Stripe would charge $15 for transactions that have repeatedly been reported as fraudulent, especially when the account holder is taking steps to mitigate the damage; this leads me to the question, does Stripe refund the $15 later when evidence shows that the transaction was unlawful/fraudulent? If it doesn’t, then it is obtaining funds via criminal activity.
Of course, when the number of potential refunds is massive, it is a bit late refunding the charge-backs after the innocent victim merchant has had their business decimated. At the very least, Stripe should just freeze the entire account, including potential charge-backs.

I’m glad I don’t receive electronic payments.