Do people really think they can use a CSS lib to customize any component framework?

This discussion comes and goes from one company to another or between projects.
That we can just create a one off fit all stylesheet/CSS lib and we can reuse it in any component framework.
I find hard to believe that statement because my experience was always the opposite.

Since WordPress big times, we ended realizing that it was easier to either create a custom theme from scratch or at worst, take a theme that is closest to what we want and only minor tweak it.

Same applies to today’s component frameworks, most maintainable and easiest to start was to use closest to what we want, customize colors, sometimes borders and shadows, that is it.

Every time we were “forced” to fiddle with the main page/component CSS, something changed later that broke the whole page/component. besides having CSS styles leaked everywhere we spend hours trying to fix a few properties that are messing with the page or the rest of the components.

Never stumbled upon a CCS solution that has the capacity to be applied to every/most situation you might encounter. Maybe I haven’t seem it yet, is there such a solution that you have encountered? What is your opinion?

hello and welcome to fcc forum :slight_smile:

have you looked into “mui” or for more customizable option “tailwind”?! they seem pretty legit, happy searching :slight_smile:

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