Do practicing make you master coding?

Hello guys! basically its my second year computer science degree ! and i still didn’t achieve something that make me satisfied!
i am always struggling when i face an error or when i try to solve a problem and turn it into code!
is it normal and by practicing code i will get better?

yes my friend! If you can practice coding all the exercises so that you can do them and find mistakes without using the logger, then you will be a master coder.
When people used to use cards to write programs, they had to check each and every line of their code very carefully and make sure they did a good job with it before they could take their cards to the computer to get compiled. This made them into excellent coders because they didn’t rely on a computer to tell them when they were doing something wrong.
In the same way, if you practice using the language (or concept) you are learning many times over, without relying on outside help, or forcing yourself to rely on it less and less with each iteration, then yes, you will also become a “master” coder.

Wishing you well!

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i was very close to believe that i am stupid! thank you @hbar1st , appreciate your help!