Do recruiters even read your CV?

Just wondering if recruiters even read your CV or application when you apply for a job, because I’ve had a couple of interviews where it appeared they didn’t take the time to fully read my application or my resume, it’s very frustrating.

I remember one day I received a message saying that I had to complete a test as part of the interview process, I was of course very excited as well as nervous since I had previously failed a similar test for another job. When I’m finally ready to take the test, to my surprise I had to use Angular, like… What? I never stated I use Angular. I still tried to complete the test in any way that I could but I knew I was going to fail simply because I had no experience at all with Angular or React (at that moment). I messaged the guy back and he never replied to me, total waste.

Then another interview, everything is ok until the guy asks me how many years of experience I have, I say 6 months and that’s enough to end the interview, he says the minimum is one year and that I can apply again when I meet those requirements. And I ask myself, didn’t you guys read my application?

Rant over. Has anyone had a similar experience? Jesus…

Hey Gilbert, I do hope I got your name right.

To answer your question, yes - recruiters do read your CV but it’s the Head Hunters who pass our CVs to the Recruiters within a flip second using bots that it is.

I have a close friend working in HR, she told me that essentially headhunters look out for keywords within the CVs and once they find a match, they pass on to the Recruiters where their only sole job is to pass on the tests of interviews to us (trusting the Head Hunters).

And my friend, that is a HUGE problem.

That is a huge problem indeed.

However, this ain’t the case if you wish to work for smaller companies. :slight_smile:

Big companies often have this issues due to the nature of their work they do.