Do requirements for a project matter?

So I am getting to the end of a responsive web design section. I have a question about the requirements for portfolio page. Is it possible to ignore the requirements and just upload the final solution? The reason why I am asking this, is that I built my portfolio page with Bulma and the code looks a okay. There is a proper structure and so on. I don’t want to mess with it. I am not lazy or else, I can build another project for sure, but I feel like JS is more important at the moment. Thanks for help!

I checked your portfolio on my phone and it looks great, very professional. Why would you do another one just to pass the test? As you said, JS is more important now for you. If you need to submit a project to complete the challenge because at the end you want the certificate, then I would just borrow one and be done with it.

And you wouldn’t be cheating, because you already built a fine portfolio and that’s all it matters in my opinion.

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Thanks for nice words! That helps a lot. :slight_smile:

Borrow one? What do you mean?

The portfolio you choose to use for prospect employers and the FCC portfolio project do not have to be the same. Just do the bare minimum requirements to pass the tests of FCC portfolio project and make it look somewhat descent just in case some one looks at it.


Thanks for advice :slight_smile: